Atelier théâtre


Pierre DEVANN, Theatre director, actor and Comedian Direction
Director and director of live shows for 12 years, is in the same time as an actor that invests the outdoor stage and theater. Turned pro early 2005 and multiplying professional actor experiences for audiovisual (TV, short and feature films series), it still operates until today for various projects in actor Direction, Coach game (for actors, actors) and directed (short films, theater groups, …). Formed by the director Valery Rybakov (the staging department of the Russian National Theatre School, a former student and assistant of Meyerhold), Pierre DEVANN now offers to transmit his experience as amateur world and also always explore further the limitless universe of playing the game of the actor.

Arts en Scènes “Monologues du vagin” ou Dialogues de Fe….

The workshop is for beginners or people with previous experience of the stage, wishing to initiate or continue the practice of theatrical art.
We’ll work approach the scene, partner, improvisation, the development of his imagination through observation and experimentation.
We will rise to the character who must “live” in itself. We will seek, including with texts and improvisation, deepen the perception of the character; its qualities, defects, emotions, etc …

Our goal will be to get a sense of the true and can not fall into the game of imitation but of sincerity. ”

These workshops are offered within the association “Arts Scenes” of Vannes.

Cinéma et médias


From 2005 to today

“Let us Never” (TV) 2005 Comedian-Contained
“The Jegado” (TV) 2006 Comedian.
“La Compagnie des Glaces” (TV) Actor 2006 Supplement
“Two men Ordinary” (short film) 2006 Main actor
“Twenty four Measures” (Cinema) in 2006 Actor Supplement
“The House of the Dead” (Movies) 2007 Actor Supplement
“Appearances” (short film) 2007 Main actor
“Tchip-Show” (TV) 2007 Comedian.
“A monkey on the back” (TV) 2008 Actor complement.
“Conscience” (short film) 2008 Actor
“The Suitcases Helena” (Pilot) 2009 Actor
“CPAM Le Mans” (Institutional) 2009 Actor
“The trial of Dranescu Milea” (short film) 2009 Actor
“Charles judes and Gang of darkness” (short film) 2010 Actor – Create Accessories
“The man and the dog” (short film) 2013 Actor
“Wrong plan” (festival teaser) 2013 Actor
“Life parallel” (short film) 2013 Steering actor
“The Night Person” (short film) 2013 Creation Accessories
“Cretaceous Park” (average film) 2013 Main Actor
“Any one but you” (short film) 2013 Steering actor
“At the end of the world – Peoc’h” 2014 actor Direction
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Théâtre et spectacles


From 2002 to today
“The grated Chouans” (pageant) in July 2002 Co-director and actor.
“The fight of grated Chouans” (pageant) in July 2003 Director and Actor.
“BV Citizen or Green Beard” (theater) Season 2003/2004 Co-director and actor.
“Tombs of Heaven” (Pageant) June 2004 Director and actor.
“Caesar’s De Gaulle” (pageant) in July 2004 Director, Director and actor.
“Planks Games” (theater) actor 2006/2007.
“Back in the Desert” (theater) actor 2008/2009.
“Parallel Circles” (theater) 2010 Comedian.
“Safe Trilogy” (theater) 2011/2014 Director
“Tribulations Alcoholic” (theater) in June 2012 followed by Season 2013/2014 Director.
“The Double View Véronique Sun” (theater) Started in 2013-January followed by the Season 2014/2015 – Support for staging and actor role Principal.
BLC Theatre presents Hamlet by William Shakespeare

“Tell my daughter that I travel” (theater) in June 2013 by actor Directorate –January 2014 Director.
“I have a doubt” (One man show Theatre) June 2014 – Director